Sunday, February 15, 2009

Robin Smith avoids the obvious for the silly

The move last week by state GOP chairman Robin Smith to kick the puppet House Speaker out of the Republican Party was so much silliness and of little substance.

Yet she has yet to speak out about a more troubling corruption of her party -- the extortive tactics of state Rep. Brian Kelsey to get a committee chairmanship in exchange for tuning down his ethics complaint against Speaker Kent Williams.

That kind of conduct is politics at its worst, even more dastardly than what Williams did in voting for himself along with all the Democrats to become speaker. And it's worse than anything Jimmy Naifeh and his cronies ever perpretrated.

What Williams did in no way broke any law. What Kelsey did sure did border it, no matter what the local DA says.

Republicans are supposed to be about law and order first and foremost -- at least that is what they claim. But it seems that their principles only apply to immigrants, not Larry Craig, Ted Stevens and now Rep. Kelsey.

Kelsey should be kicked out of the GOP. And Smith should call for House GOP leaders to push for his removal before the House ethics committee. Anything less shows that Smith is more about silliness than substance, along with her political party in Tennessee.

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