Sunday, February 22, 2009

With Oscar night here, where is Al Gore?

A year ago, Al Gore was practically on every TV channel -- being feted and saluted as a man of the world and ultimately an Oscar winner.

Now, he has disappeared more completely than Jimmy Hoffa under Giants Stadium.

One reason is that the world that once loved him is now after him for global warming contentions that are going to cost jobs during a worldwide recession. For instance, green jobs are not going to replace coal mining ones job for job. And folks will need to be retrained. That takes cash states here and countries over there don't have.

An America in a Great Recession doesn't want to hear from Gore either. That seems to have been Gore's fate in his career. His message does not sustain, and he doesn't have the persona to keep it alive. Even though he supposedly lives here in Nashville, he does not appear in public enough to be sighted, slighted or celebrated.

Maybe the case is that I don't read enough to discover where Gore has been. In any case, Oscar night will not be the same without him.

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