Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Carpetbagger speaks: Revisionist history recited by Tennessean editor designed to fool you once more; he really thinks we're that stupid

We the people of the South know about the ills of revisionist history.

For instance, we know that Lincoln did not invade the South because of his moral outrage over slavery. He did it to preserve the Union in response to Southern secession.

There are even people, such as a Catholic bishop who recently had his excommunication lifted by the Vatican, who deny there was a Holocaust. The bishop believes only 200,000 of our Jewish brothers and sisters were murdered during Hitler's reign of terror. He also believes that no gas chambers were used.

Revisionists speak and write to deny the truth that makes them look bad and show they lack simple integrity. And so it is with today's column that I read at Kroger's by Tennessean editor Mark Silverman.

I don't but the paper. There is no need to. It takes two minutes to simply scan the pages and take in the little that is offered. The Issues' section in particular is a waste of time.

Besides Silverman, there is Dwight Lewis, who still writes from an age long passed as a black columnist writing on black issues. And that reduces his pieces to mostly being pro-black and anti-white. He is an enabler for bad that is hurting people who look like him but folks he really has NO contact with.

And the one-person-interview profiles on the cover of Issues are simply a writer emptying his notebook. There is no analysis of all the political spin being offered.

Yet Silverman claimed today that The Tennessean has changed along with your reading habits geared more to Internet and away from his dinosaur publication. And he has the audacity to claim The Tennessean's strength is local news.

Consider that with each layoff and vacancy that goes unfilled there, another part of the community goes uncovered by The Tennessean. For instance, there is no coverage of the courts. In addition, the paper has to steal a reporter each week from its Williamson A.M. bureau in Franklin to simply staff a police reporter in Davidson County. Sad.

Its decision makers are not out among you. When was the last time you saw Silverman out as part of your congregation? When did you see him at a junior pro, 11-12 year old football game in east Nashville? Or in north Nashville?

So it is disgusting to read Silverman's claim that The Tennessean and you have reached the same conclusion about news coverage and simple fairness in news coverage. People have gone to the Internet because The Tennessean does not represent the values of the area, be it in political fairness/unbiased news coverage to the importance of faith in personal lives here. Its disdain for the military is obvious.

The roots of the information revolution Silverman writes about is in spite of The Tennessean and other dinosaur newspapers, not in conjunction with them.

Don't believe the Carpetbagger. His like always has many twists to the real truth.

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