Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grading the first month of Obama in office: Give him a 'B' for betrayal of taxpayers, generations

The first month of the Obama administration represents the worst in my memory of U.S. presidencies, and that goes back to LBJ.

That's why I give it a "B", but not as far as grading for achievement. It represents "B" for the deep betrayal of the American people counting on Obama to bring hope and change.

He has returned the government to the kind of big spending that voters had rejected from previous administrations, including Bush's. There is a deep sense of tyranny in what the president is doing in spending money of the people like a drunken sailor. And I apologize to all drunken sailors for using them as a comparison.

Let's role the videotape:

1) Democrats have shown a shocking lack of ethics -- Illinois Sen. Burris has been discovered to have lied in testimony to a state panel, which should not have been a surprise since he was appointed by a liar, and another Democrat. Yet Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid allowed the man to be seated while initially saying he would not be.

Obama selected three Cabinet nominees who could not remember to pay their taxes, yet had no problem in demanding more spending by the American people. We certainly could not get away with this. How could these prominent politicos escape scrutiny of the IRS?

After the president's promising of transparency in government, the press had discovered at least one executive order and memorandum from the White House not publicly released or posted. He also re-took the oath of office outside of video cameras.

The list is longer, but I need to move on.

2) After the president promised a national press conference audience that his treasury speaker would have details on a bank rescue plan, Secretary Geithner appeared before Congress with no details. The stock market plummeted.

The administration continues to consider a $30-plus bailout of the auto industry, despite strong public opposition for the taxpayers to pay for the greed and bad decisions of executives and union bosses.

3) Investors across the country have less confidence
in returning their money to the financial markets and in consumer spending because of the administration's bungling and a growing trend toward putting the burden of economic recovery on taxpayers.

As Sen. John McCan said yesterday, we are dealing with "generational theft" of hope and affordability to live in this nation for our children and grandchildren.

The Obama homeforeclosure plan has drawn criticism for offering little or no help to Americans -- 92 percent of them -- paying their mortgages and bills on time. It is these people who will turn around the economy through the same kind of discipline they are exhibiting in their lifestyles now. CNBC's Rick Santelli tried to tell the adminstration this truth this week and was ridiculed.

Even with the Obama economic stimulus plan, less than a quarter of the money will be spent in the next two years to revive the economy. What is Obama waiting for? All that was needed was spending to shore up the health care and unemployment benefits safety net. That would have only cost $127 billion, not the $850 billion ultimately passed in the legislation.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is considering shifting taxation to each mile Americans drive from the gas used. The government will follow you with GPS tracking.

4) The Obama administration gave the Chinese the green light to tighten its grip on Tibet and its own citizens civil liberties yesterday when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said human rights abuses would not hinder America's cooperation with the Communists.

5) Obama has increased missile attacks into Pakistan, a sovereign nation which has demanded the killings by air stop. Civilian losses are growing as is anger toward the U.S. As a direct response to these attacks, Pakistan announced that Taliban-like treatment of people -- particularly women -- under Muslim law would prevail in the region Obama is attacking. How can the Left criticize Bush for invading a sovereign nation when Obama is doing the same with missiles.

The above categories are only the top abuses and bungling during ONLY the administration's first month.

I voted for Obama. I even promoted an inaugural ball to support him. After only one month, I find his ascendancy to the presidency a major mistake. The job is beyond him. And he has appointed some incompetent people around him.

Promised change is not always good. The American people, particularly the taxpayer, need to be protected from his bad governance and judgment. That will be my blog's role -- to make up for my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Tim, you do great harm to your credibility when you have expectations of change occurring in one month after following an 8 year reign of stupidity and assault on America by George Bush.

Just change your name to Limbaugh and sign off already, or at least come clean with your political affiliations.

Anonymous said...

You have seen the light. I'm from Chicago. I knew about him before everyone else did. I knew the job was too big for Obama.