Friday, February 20, 2009

Santelli gaining more believers as he adds reason to his rant; the guy is a most honest analyst

CNBC's Rick Santelli has added reason to his rant yesterday and is making me and millions of other Americans believers in what he is saying about where federal aid should be going.

More Americans see a rush to socialism and away from capitalism that made this country great. And with socialism will come even more arduous taxation.

They see reward in the Obama foreclosure plan for not doing right, no encouragement of good spending and earning behavior and discipline.

They see the Obama administration pushing toward the nationalization of the country's largest banks, a responsibility taxpayers should not assume.

They question why the administration is not fully supporting the 92 percent of Americans who are paying their home mortgages on time. We need that block of people to survive and revive the economy with their spending, not more spending from government.

Santelli has shown himself in repeated interviews to be most rationale. He has thought this out. And he was one of the people that was telling people to get out of the markets last summer. I listened and did so above 13,000.

Investors from Main Street such as myself have no faith in what Obama is doing. But from listening to him for several years and now the past two days, we believe what Santelli is saying.

President Obama should listen, if he means to do what is best for this nation and not his political party and ideology.

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