Saturday, February 28, 2009

Walking through Tammy Wynette's old home quite a treat and look into life of a most gracious woman

Judson Baptist Church is one of the great places to worship in Nashville. Pastor Mims preaches a very clear and cleansing message of Christianity to ensure that Christ is what believers are about -- not themselves or cultural values or busy schedules.

I had the privilege last night of enjoying that message and one of the church's key possessions -- the former home of the late and great Tammy Wynette.

Her old home is located next to the church on Franklin Pike. The good believers there refer to the place as the Big House. And it is. The church's youth use the place as their center. And it is used well.

A tour of the home is so eye-opening to the graciousness of Ms. Wynette. The sunken living room with fire place and high ceiling is most warm in the feeling it encourages. The kitchen is so wide and inviting for people to gather and enjoy being alive with great food. You can easily fit 30 people in it. The side, stone patio is quite large, and was a place for social gatherings and weddings.

Her bedroom, which used to have sunken place for the bed, is quite elegant in design with large windows to show off the gorgeous surroundings.

Her walk-in closet with the arch windows is magnificent, befitting her stardom and talent. It is as long as a living room. And you just imagine the beautiful and shining dresses that once sparkled in the walk in-and-through closet.

You can still feel her spirit there throughout the house. And it is appropriate that it is now mixed with the good believers at Judson.

I was first introduced to them through the courageous fight of Ashley Holmertz against bone cancer. Ashley, 23, went to heaven last year, and now she sees God because of the purity of her heart. All she wanted to be was a mother and wife. And she was so wonderful with children she cared for in Nashville and Williamson County households and at the Y.

She also was a missonary to Latin America, and the kids flocked to her. She possessed the beauty of a model and the heart of a killer on the soccer field she had to give up early in her fight. She was the enforcer.

O, she was such a well-rounded human being, the best of all of us.

Her mother still goes to the church and has been battling breast cancer. She did everything imaginable to keep Ashley on this Earth for eight years. I have never seen a greater testament of the love of a mother for a child. And I have never seen a place of worship champion a family as Judson, led by the incredible Donna Drinkwine.

Judson is a special place. And now that Ms. Wynette's house is in its possession, fans can be assured that her memory is honored and cherished by the good people there.

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