Monday, February 16, 2009

A difficult time to be an American, a Tennessean; neither political party has the back of the people

From most of my posts, one would believe I am a Republican.

I can't stand that thought from what the GOP currently represents. RNC Chairman Michael Steele is crazy and in denial. The party's anti-immigrant, anti-gay rant is despicable and purposely divisive.

But the Democrats are the ones in power, in Washington and even still at the Tennessee statehouse. And they have shown such an incompetency and service to self.

What I despise most about the Democrats is that they claim to know better, they claim to care more. But their actions defy their words, particularly when they protect a public education bureaucracy that has failed generations of children yet absorbs so many tax dollars for its perpetuation.

Ultimately, a fair and adequate education is all the separates the haves and have nots in this country. LBJ said as much during his presidency that represented the pinnacle of civil rights in this nation.

No Child Left Behind represents the best chance since those heady days to realize that truth. But it remains the responsibility of state and local governments to provide adequate funding once they see the test scores for what they are failing to do. And there is no political will for that critical task.

Things like school choice through charter schools and vouchers are regularly blocked by Democrats. For what they choose for their children, they deny to the least among us. The Obamas have a charter public school right across from the White House. But they choose to send their children to private school, just as did the Gores and the Clintons.

Yet the Obamas don't miss an opportunity to use the charter school and its children for a political photo opportunity. It's just that those children aren't good enough to be educated with theirs. I wonder which school their private chef has chosen for his children.

I choose no political party or ideology. All betray.

But I have the most trouble with all the liberals(progressives) and Democrats, because they claim to know better -- then they do the opposite to preserve political power in spite of the needs of the people.

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