Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deal dead; there never was one, McCain says

Congressional Democratic leaders had their purported, compromise bailout deal for Wall Street fatcats blow up in their faces this afternoon after an angry meeting with GOP representatives before the president in the White House.

Crazily, Dems are siding with George W. Bush, just as they did with his bogus Iraq invasion plan. Don't they ever learn? No.

Sen. John McCain said this evening that there never was a deal. So we can only guess who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have been talking to the past several days. Wall Street fatcats had been expecting a favorable vote tomorrow morning. Now there is no legislation.

Democrats and Sen. Barack Obama call McCain's presence in Washington as a political stunt. Today's daily Gallup poll shows some voters think differently. McCain was tied with Sen. Barack Obama in the poll at 46 percent. Earlier this week, a Washington Post/ABC News poll showed Obama up by nine percentage points.

There will be no deal reached tomorrow. There will be no deal over the weekend. And both parties will leave Washington pointing fingers at the other.

Then, the free markets will be left to their own devices, which is what free markets are supposed to do. And guess what happened tonight? The faltering Washington Mutual savings and loan -- which has been dragging down the financial markets for the past three weeks -- was acquired by JP Morgan. That's what free markets should do.

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