Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain makes appeal for all immigrants today

In an impassioned speech this morning before an Irish-American group in Scranton, PA., Sen. John McCain spoke of his plans to push immigration reform that would put people illegally in this country on the path to citizenship along with the creation of a temporary worker program.

His just-completed speech was the most passionate appeal by either presidential candidate to address the nation's immigration policy mess. For undecided voters like myself, his remarks made a deep impression.

McCain spoke of 50,000 Irish human beings in this nation illegally but working and contributing. He spoke of their desire to emerge from the shadows to become citizens. He promised to meet their needs.

The Republican spoke of how unpopular he was in his party for pushing immigration reform with the great Sen. Ted Kennedy.

"We put a coalition together, and I had to take votes that were not popular," McCain told the enthusiastic crowd. "Sen. Kennedy had to take votes that were not popular. Sen. Obama took a hike.

"Sen. Obama supported an amendment that would have supported a sunset in the temporary worker program. The union bosses told him to do it. I have a record of standing up to my party and my president. You have to stand up for what is right for your country. Sen. Obama does not have a record."

McCain also put border security on his list of things to do on immigration. But he presented it to the crowd as not just a point of keeping people out but stopping the flow of illegal drugs. His speech to the group was a first for a Republican presidential candidate.

The GOP nominee made a strong statement that this nation is stronger for the "infusion of fresh blood" that has come into this country, including its Hispanic citizenry. His stand was so much different from the haters in his party like Reps. Tom Tancredo and Marsha Blackburn.

"That is what our nation is all about," he said. "That is the America we will have if I am president."

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