Friday, September 26, 2008

Putin/Chavez partnership is big trouble for us

The reach across 5,000 miles by Russian Prime Minister Putin to Venezuelan President Chavez to provide nuclear help has the makings of big foreign policy trouble for our nation.

Chavez has been a frequent critic of this nation under the leadership of George W. Bush while offering a hand of help to our nation's poor with low-cost heating oil.

El presidente also has a lot of clout in Latin America. He is the new Castro as far as a destabilizing force. His retention of his office was made possible by fraud in the election process, despite the results being sadly stamped with approval by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Putin is pissed by the missile shield for NATO nations surrounding the western side of his nation. So with Chavez, he is making trouble for us in our backyard.

Should our nation's leaders be talking tough with Putin, instead of Bush's "I have looked into his soul" and he is a good guy approach? Should our nation's leaders be talking with Chavez, instead of ignoring and stonewalling him?

Something must change in our approach to both nation's leaders, or we'll face a growing threat on our shores.

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