Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clinton says McCain acting in good faith

Sen. John McCain's request for a delay in tomorrow's first presidential debate was something done out of good faith since McCain wanted more debates in the first place, former President Bill Clinton said this morning.

Clinton is right. And the only congressional leader asking McCain to stay away from Washington and bailout negotiations is Senate leader Harry Reid, who has been the weakest Senate Majority Leader in my memory.

McCain will stop all his campaigning today to go to Washington to participate in the negotiations. And he is needed. Republicans are balking at the bailout and do not trust the Democratic leaders. The Senate will need 60 votes to pass any bailout over the threat of a filibuster. McCain is going to be needed to get GOP support for any plan.

That's leadership, and Sen. Barack Obama has failed the test by saying tomorrow's debate should go on. And Obama's stay-at-home strategy is representative of his lack of clout on Capitol Hill as a senator in crafting any compromise on any legislation in his few years there.

Clinton's indirect endorsement of McCain's action is going to help the senator's efforts in Washington and overall in the presidential polls. His America First motto holds true.

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