Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time to build grassroots opposition to bailout

Robert Lovato, a fine writer, thinker and opponent of the federal bailout of Wall Street fatcats, has sent out the following advice to regular people on Main Street on how to get involved in stopping Congress from adopting top-down socialism for free markets.

Here is his note and direction:

In what many of of us hope will be a historic show of popular force, there will be small and large protests of the Bush Bailout organized throughout the entire country today.

You can find or organize your own event by going here. You can also see a partial list here. And, lastly, you can read more about it at Wired magazine. Hope to see you somewhere!

My sense is that this will be pretty historic, needs our support and will grow-and needs to grow.

Lavato is pointing us in the right direction. It was my honor last night to attend a reception at the home of Vanderbilt professor Bruce Barry for two of the most effective political bloggers in the nation. They have just finished a book on their efforts in how they became political players locally and nationally. I'll blog more on them in the next few days.

As Nelson Mandela once said: "Our greatest fear is not that we are powerless. Our greatest fear is that we are more powerful that we've ever imagined."

Join the protests, form your own, and feel the power.

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