Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush fails to convince;Gingrich calls plan appalling

President George W. Bush tonight failed to make a convincing case to the American people on passage of his bailout plan for Wall Street fatcats, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called the plan "appalling".

Meanwhile, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee John McCain will meet with Bush and congressional leaders tomorrow morning about the bailout. That meeting, however, will produce no consensus.

McCain has said he will stop campaigning tomorrow and stay in Washington to work with congressional leaders on a compromise. Obama rejected a request from McCain to cancel Friday night's debate on national security and come to Washington to work on the bailout over the weekend.

On Hannity and Colmes tonight on FOXNEWS, Gingrich called Bush's plan "socialism", and said Obama should join McCain in Washington with negotiations.

Obama has benefitted in national polls from the bailout and economic troubles. A Washington Post/ABC News poll show the Democrat with a nine-point lead. So his interests apparently are not with resolution of the nation's financial troubles. That's hard to say. But Obama's rejection of McCain's request is a failure in leadership.

And his polling advantage may not be as big as he believes. A new LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows Obama with only a four-point lead.

McCain will benefit in voters' eyes by being in Washington to work out a compromise across party lines. Obama will be hurt by continuing his campaign.

To read more on the poll, go to:,0,2561845.story

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Anonymous said...

You failed to note in your blog that only 10 percent of americans agree with macain on this issue according to survey USA. and according to the CNN poll around 70 percent of Americans belive this is a political ploy.