Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gas problems easing in Williamson County but there are some very important lessons to learn

The noontime continues to be the salvation time for Williamson County drivers, and now there are no more lines snaking into gas stations in the Cool Springs and Highway 96 areas.

There are, however, some lessons to be learned from the gas shortage, from my interviews of county residents.

* Don't allow vehicles with at least a half of a tank of gas fill up.

* Don't allow drivers to fill up their tanks and then their portable tanks in the beds of their trucks.

* Don't waste taxpayer money by using police to rectify traffic problems around the stations. These businesses should have their own employees out there making matters easier for drivers and enforcing rules on topping tanks and filling portable ones.

Government doesn't need to pass laws. Businesses just need to follow common sense and offer the best service to their customers, particularly in a time of crisis.

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