Thursday, September 25, 2008

Congressional debate over weekend will show moral bankruptcy of federal bailout legislation

Congress -- not the gridiron -- will hold the most dramatics this weekend.

House Republicans are not going to vote for supposed compromise bailout legislation for Wall Street fatcats, but that doesn't matter since they are in the minority. But the Senate will hold the package at hostage, as Republican senators led by Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning and Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby will filibuster this legislation.

Thank goodness.

There also may be nothing to debate. Congressional leaders who met with the president refused to talk to reporters. Sen. Richard Shelby said 20 minutes ago that there is no deal, according to CNBC.

This situation seems to be going from extreme to extreme. If there finally is a deal, Democrats don't have the 60 votes to stop a filibuster by Senate rules. And Sen. Harry Reid is a weak Senate leader.

Enter Sen. John McCain. He will face a big decision -- support the filibuster or round up the needed GOP votes to help the Democrats stop the delaying tactic.

The truth that has most of the American people outraged by this plan is its foundation. It is not based on any moral principles -- those behind the founding of this country.

The American people are right. I hope that Sens. Bunning and Shelby and their colleagues will prevail. And I hope Sen. McCain will put America first and not oppose their actions.

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