Friday, September 26, 2008

Two things you can count on today; get involved

Amid all the uncertainties of the financial and political markets today, here are a two things you can count on:

1) There will be no bailout deal reached for Wall Street fatcats. All sides are very far apart. There will be no vote on any legislation.

2) Sen. John McCain will not be at tonight's presidential debate; he will be leading in Washington and fulflling his responsibilities as a senator.

After that, it's all too difficult to tell. Live in the moment.

The very good news in all of this mess is that it leaves time for you to get involved. You and your university classmates should be marching. You should protest this bailout and recommend your own ideas that come from real lives.

Consider your role. There is still time. If you are going to form a protest, let me know and I'll publicize it and forward it to the city's media outlets.

This is your country; fight for it.

It's your future.

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