Friday, September 26, 2008

Besides $700 billion bailout, Dems want another $56 billion for auto industry and your household

Before even going to the White House yesterday with their purported compromise Wall Street bailout plan, Democratic leaders in Congress unveiled another $56 billion boost in the federal deficit.

This milking of the taxpayers included $7.5 billion in a $30 billion bailout plan for the auto industry. The rest would come in small economic stimilus checks for your home before Christmas -- a buying season that's predicted to be the worst in 15 years.

The Bush administration already proposes to raise the nation's debt ceiling to $11.3 trillion with its dead bailout plan. Adding just another $56 billion for the Dems is no big deal, they think.

CBSNews and Katie Couric asked a great question 10 days ago. After our government finishes bailing out every industry, who is going to bail out our government?

Perhaps the Chinese will buy up America, and Communism -- thought dead after the Berlin Wall fell -- will have ultimately triumphed over capitalism and our way of life. Can you hear Castro laughing?

History's a bitch, ain't it?

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