Friday, September 19, 2008

Si se puede? No you can't, says Hispanic politico

A second, prominent supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton this week has endorsed Sen. John McCain for president.

Miguel D. Lausell, a Puerto Rican businessman and bigtime, lifelong Democratic fundraiser, came out for McCain -- saying that Sen. Barack Obama has really not been that interested in Hispanics and their issues.

I agree on the truth of Obama being little interested in issues important to Americans of Hispanic descent. His Spanish language ad to link McCain to entertainer Rush Limbaugh was grossly inaccurate. Limbaugh roasted McCain during the Republican primaries for his position on immigration reform. And McCain continues to stress that undocumented workers and their families are human beings.

The second endorsement from a prominent Clinton supporter represents big trouble for the Obama campaign. And it makes undecided voters like me give McCain a second look and consideration. Polls show Obama with at least 66 percent of the Hispanic vote. But he needs 70 percent to win in November. I do not believe he will get that percentage, even though Lausell does not have the right to vote in November.

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Anonymous said...

Truth be known, Obama cares nothing about anyone except himself, his power, and all black Americans. He will, if elected, end the war in Iraq so he can deploy our troops to the war torn areas of Africa. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama has an agenda for America that will be very devastating to everyone in this country. He will tax the hell out of everyone so he can support all of his new government programs for the poor, the lazy, and anyone else looking for a handout. With his questionable past and radical associates he is unfit to be President.