Monday, September 22, 2008

WSMV shows state's immorality to most vulnerable

Congratulatons to WSMV Channel 4 investigative reporter Nancy Amons for her piece this evening on the TennCare cuts of home nursing for 1,000 human beings.

Amons focused on a woman with heart problems and a broken back that won't heal. So she can barely take two steps on her own. And her nurse came in on her own time to check on her and help her.

This woman cannot work. She is disabled. She has worked, ironically training health care professionals like the ones caring for her now.

We who make up a society that professes to be under God has allowed our state leaders to turn their back on this woman and so many other souls like her. Gov. Phil Bredesen doesn't even have the courage to appear on camera to answer for this immorality. Instead, we get a TennCare spokesperson who has the audacity to say that these cuts are going to provide more care to people in need.

My goodness. Do these people believe God is stupid? Do they believe God does not see?

The alternative for the woman featured in Amons' fine report is to go to a nursing home, where she will surely die soon. If she stays home, she must go 72 hours without nursing care.

Bredesen pushed and passed legislation to provide for home health care. But it doess not take effect until next year. The state has a record rainy day fund. Yet Bredesen won't tap it. Instead, he see worth not in human beings but in a foreign company opening a plant in Chattanooga. For Hitler's people car, Bredesen opened the state pocketbooks for $577 million in corporate welfare.

The governor continues to show his immorality. The question remains if we are going to remain silent and allow this outrage to continue.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them such immorality is unacceptable. The TennCare Legislative Oversight Committee meets at the end of this month. Make sure your lawmaker knows how you feel by that date so something can be done to save the most vulnerable among us.

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