Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain to debate but why; he looks unfocused

Sen. John McCain will debate tonight at Ole Miss despite the failure of all sides in the negotiations for a bailout of Wall Street fatcats to reach any consensus.

McCain's decision kind of makes him look scatter-brained and unfocused. There is no deal in Washington, and it's not even close. So why did he announce Thursday that he was suspending his campaign and going to Washington to forge a compromise? He said he would not debate without a deal.

McCain should remain in Washington. But perhaps he sees a political advantage in debating tonight because it is on his strength of foreign policy.

Both candidates have been most disappointing amid this economic crisis. Is there not a real leader in this nation whom the people can turn to and find consensus in shared values and principles?

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Sherif M said...

now in October 13, 2008 he looks he is more unfocused.