Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why has media not picked up Dobbs' story?

The nation's mainstream news media has extensively reported on two Franklin, TN., men who have created a racist product called Obama Waffles.

The charicatures of Sen. Barack Obama are something out of the Old Jim Crow South. And guess who got caught buying the product on cell phone camera: CNN's super famous anchor Lou Dobbs.

The story has been reported all over the Hispanic blogosphere. It confirms for those of us who are Americans of Hispanic descent that Doobs' anti-immigrant rant is built out of his personal bigotry.

Yet CNN hasn't reported it. It sure doesn't want to hurt its viewership. FOXNEWS hasn't reported it since it agress with Dobbs' anti-immigrant rant. But where is MSNBC? Surely Keith Olbermann can go after someone else on political TV other than Bill O'Reilly.

Perhaps the lack of coverage of Dobbs' bigtory is indicative of a good ol' boy system in the mainstream media, most led by white folks who are more interested in getting invited to dinner parties instead of covering all the news. And this system does not respect this nation's Hispanic presence, evidenced by the lack of Latino voices on TV political show panels.

CNN does feature two Hispanic voices on its secondary political panel. But both experts are Republicans, which is contrary to the continuing trend in Hispanic voting that goes two-thirds to Democrats.

If you've seen anything in mainstream media on Dobbs' and the Waffles, please let me know so I can eat my words -- with syrup or not.

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