Monday, September 22, 2008

'Jesus was a community organizer' response has been just plain silly from the nation's far left

The response from the far left that "Jesus was a community organizer" in support of Sen. Barack Obama and in criticism of Sen. John McCain has been really silly.

I speak of it as a community organizer, three times in my career. I organized study circles and local pastors in race relations dialgoue and action in upstate New York. I organized a successful response to force Metro Nashville public schools to educate children needing English language help fairly and legally. I organized an effort from the pews in response to the child sexual scandal in the Catholic Church locally and nationally.

As a journalist, I've also covered community organizers in both places. And they come and go like the latest flavor of Ben & Jerry's. They stick around as long as the grant money is still available to pay their salaries. Then they disappear, leaving the residents wondering what happened. Community organizers are as much the scourge of inner cities as they are the saviors.

Jesus, in turn, stuck it out. And for that, he was crucified by the local authorities.

But that's just my opinion and experience. In more moderate east Tennessee where Republicanism is the same George Will brand as it is in upstate New York, the response to the community organizer nonsense from the far left has been just like mine.

Read the following column from the Knoxville News-Sentinel and how Democrats there are running away from Obama's candidacy. Politics makes hypocrites of us all.

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