Monday, September 22, 2008

Memphis City Schools continue to move forward while Nashville schools continue to flounder, fail

While meeting requirements of No Child Left Behind, Memphis City Schools now is embarking on an ambitious plan of achievement of students at risk and students achieving beyond their grade levels.

The new director of the schools there has presented an impressive plan to the board of education, making Memphians hopeful about the education future of their children. And teachers are pushing an innovative four-day school week plan that will save jobs, increase student achivement and give taxpayers more clout for their money.

East on I-40 from Memphis brings a whole different scenario. NCLB requirements are not being met. A new rezoning plan has produced sharp divisions in Nashville. A chamber of commerce official has risen to be school board chairman. And the district stil does not have a director.

Read the following editorial about a city that really is progressive compared to one that is an imposter.

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