Saturday, September 27, 2008

Newman followed scripture command in life

The death of actor Paul Newman removes not only a great talent from this world but also a marvelous role model for people who have been blessed with much.

Newman through his career earnings and grocery products supported so many charitable and good public policy causes across the country for decades. He followed the scripture exhortation that from those given much, much is expected.

From just looking at him, he was blessed with great looks. But he was also blessed with a mate for life, fellow actor Joanne Woodward. One can only imagine the pain she now feels in having someone so integral to her life temporarly removed. Our prayers should be with her for consolation and strength.

Paul Newman was a massive figure on and off the screen. He did not wear his faith on his sleeve or try to convince people with words. He was an actor, and he acted in making life better for those less fortunate.

This world will miss his philantrophic leadership and his example of faith that should be modeled by everyone.

May God now send his angels to greet this great man's soul and usher him into paradise where Lazarus suffers no more and the Lord's perpetual light shines forever and ever, amen.

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