Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doing my part and giving my respect to Al Gore

When I go to the supermarket and go through the self-checkout line, I do not use plastic bags -- even if there are no paper bags available.

Employees look at me strangely as I end up just restacking the items back into the grocery cart. I tell them, "I'm doing it for Al Gore".

And they don't get it.

If I would take additional time to explain, I'd tell them about the mass of plastic the size of the state of Texas that's in the northern Pacific Ocean. Gore has made the world aware of such things and why we should care.

So I remember Gore when I go to the supermarket. And now with the new medical research saying that plastic used for beverages may contribute to diabetes and heart disease, Gore's encouragement has become even more important in my life.

Some folks just want to find a reason to dismiss Gore's contentions. A recent story about his owning a large yacht on a Tennessee lake was just another knee-jerk attempt to undercut his message.

So Mr. Gore, I say "thanks" for making me aware. Our lives and world will be better for your effort to educate.

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