Sunday, February 1, 2009

New RNC chairman loses Hispanic vote with first stupid words out his mouth; so much for diversity

The new RNC chairman this morning lost his party's chance at more votes from Americans of Hispanic descent by re-affirming the GOP get-tough agenda first against undocumented human beings.

Michael Steele showed himself in questioning from FOXNEWS' Chris Wallace to be no different from Rush Limbaugh and Marsha Blackburn in demonizing Hispanics first over a false issue of a lack of border security.

Reporting from The Wall Street Journal shows a return of more undocumented immigrants to their nations due to the economic downturn. Steele showed, however, that he did not even listen to President Bush in his statements upon leaving office that his party has come off as anti-immigrant.

Steele in a loud-mouthed, combative and bravado style said that American Hispanic leaders agree with him. That is a lie. They do not. And that is why only 31 percent of Americans of Hispanic descent voted for John McCain, who was once considered moderate on immigration.

Steele was only combative with Wallace as the FOXNEWS anchor pointed out contradictions in the chairman's comments and his past political positions compared to the strident tone he has now adopted as RNC chair.

The Republican Party deserves what will happen to it. The greatest growth in the Hispanic population in this nation has not come from immigration -- but from the birth of American citizens who can vote.

And they will not vote for Steele's party, because it is dishing out the same kind of punitive first crap. The only difference is that it's coming from a leader of a different race.

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Ryan Biddulph said...

I think that Steele is a great choice. I forget labels and think about if someone is breaking the law or not. I also try to be understanding to someone's plight. It is a very fine balancing act. The law is absolute and final though, if I do something illegal I expect to be punished.