Sunday, February 1, 2009

The president's secret weapon: the First Lady

If the president wishes to swing the nation toward his economic stimulus plan in the Senate, he needs to send his secret and most effective weapon around the country -- now.

Michelle Obama has the potential to be the greatest First Lady in U.S. history and perhaps, one day, a candidate for president herself.

Her daily appearances with Americans in need at their kitchen tables -- going over bills and job ads -- would be most effective. Live reports on the evening network newscasts would be powerful.

I know the following sentence may upset some liberals, but I believe her appearances would outdo FDR's celebrated fireside chats in promoting hope and action.

The power of TV and the Internet would play into the First Lady's significant strengths, including compassion and brilliance.

The New York Times reported about her political emergence last week:

Michelle Obama stepped into the policy spotlight as first lady on Thursday at President Barack Obama’s signing of the equal-pay bill.

She hailed the legislation as symbolizing her and her husband’s commitment to policies that “help women and men balance their work and family obligations without putting their jobs or their economic security at risk.”

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