Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The suffering in Kentucky: Kinko's manager and daughter of Bluegrass state tells me of terrible suffering there that is out of Middle Ages

I have seen all the TV reports about the winter war on Kentucky, but until you hear it firsthand from a human being in person who has lived it, you cannot really be aware of the extent of the suffering.

That awareness was provided to me today by a Kinko's manager providing me notary services. Her family farm where mom and dad still live has been savaged by the ice.

People who have died in the area cannot be buried because of the ice. And there is no electricity to preserve their bodies after embalment. So all their funerals one day, some day, will be closed casket. That hurt awaits the families that have suffered so much already.

All the trees and power lines have been devastated as if Katrina blew threw. Her mother's small business, a florist, cannot operate during one its most important revenue seasons -- Valentine's Day.

Our brothers and sisters in Kentucky have suffered so much and continue today. There should be some national response as with Katrina to address all the suffering and the long road toward recovery. Where are all the celebrities and telethons?

The people of Kentucky need this considerable outreach and more.

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