Friday, February 6, 2009

TennCare advocate and health care consumer knows how bad Vanderbilt Medical Center can be; no accountability

My favorite TennCare and legislative advocate, Sharon Cobb, says the following about Vanderbilt University Medical Center and its unaccountable bureaucracy:

Patient affairs contacted me too, without my requesting their assistance.

They are screwing up left and right with this new electronic system "My Health At Vandy," which is convenient for making appointments and checking blood work, but is horrible for communication with doctors. A nurse reads your email and decides what the doctor needs to know from it without knowing your complete history. I have severe liver damage now, possibly because my cardiologist had me a on medicine that my liver doctor did not want me on...but even they refused to talk to each other and would only message each other.

Folks, if you're going to Vanderbilt for more than a cold, you're taking your life in your hands. Get out while you can!

Cobb is not just some noisy wheel. She is a former correspondent for MSNBC. Her words about Vanderbilt are shocking. I was just wanting to get an IV so I could get my chemo without having to spend more than one day there.

It took two last month.

They don't seem to realize that we also have a life outside of their world. We also have schedules. And it is that life that keeps our spirits up.

Do Vandy decisionmakers really care? I don't know.

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