Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nashville area ranks poorly as safe place to live; numbers show Sheriff Hall continues to lie

A new report issued today by Farmers Insurance Companies Group showed the Nashville area as the 307th most secure place to live out of 379 Metro areas across the United States.

Nashville's ranking is a drop of 54 places from last year's study and ironically comes from examination of crime data from over the same period as Davidson County's heinous 287g deportation program.

Sheriff Daron Hall claimed the 287g program was going to make Nashville a safer place. It was implemented more than a year and a half ago. Instead, the Farmers Insurance report shows Nashville is less safe. And that data matches long-term research of immigrant conduct released earlier this year by Robert J. Sampson, chairman of the Department of Sociology at Harvard University.

His work, examining crime data in Chicago from 1990 to 2004, showed Hispanic immigrants had lower crime rates than native born individuals. Why? They had to stay out of trouble and not draw attention to themselves to stay in the country.

Metro Nashville even ranks below Philadelphia in terms of safety for residents. Knoxville ranked 276th.

The numbers of this new study don't lie, even if Sheriff Daron Hall does.

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breadtrk said...


Where is the link to the data used in this story? It would be interesting to see how the crimes broke down by race. Where in any of the stories, blogs, articles, does anything mention Hispanics or illegal immigration being a factor in any of these numbers?

Sure, you won't post this either, like other responses I have made. All fine and dandy Tim, you have to live with yourself by omission of all comments. Sooner or later your bad Karma will do you in. Oh, wait, it already is!

breadtrk said...

Better yet, how do any of the data in the 10 yr study of CHICAGO that was completed BEFORE Nashvilles 287g program even started, relate to ANY facts trends or anything else in Nashville for that matter?

Anonymous said...

tim chavez said...

breadtrk said...

Nashville ranked higher than Chicago, the town the research was done in. The research that was complete before 287g was even started. Again, I ask, how does this relate to any facts about 287g or Sheriff hall?

Just more of the same Tim, using unrelated studies, that have no meaningful relation to the current situation is sensationalism, not journalism.

breadtrk said...

In fact Nashville Violent crime and property crime rates are down since the start of 287g. According to the FBI.

See even the FBI shows that 287g is working to make Nashville a safer place to live.

The data from your link is at best 4 years old. Even so, If Chicago had 287g during the 10 years of the study, statically some of the violent crime would have been reduced with the removal of some of the illegal immigrants that inhabited the city.