Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Anchor Baby' insult from Conservative shows too many driven by hate, not appreciation of sacrifice

I got a sick response from a Conservative reader who threw out the insult of 'anchor baby' in referring to American citizens born of undocumented immigrants.

Let me tell you the story of one of these children.

When he was 17, Alfred Rascon convinced his Mexican parents in the United States to sign a waiver so he could go to Vietnam as a medic.

He went. And in one battle, he continuously shielded the bodies of his comrades from bullets and grenade shrapnel. Wounded gravely, he still went from comrade to comrade in answer to their cries for help and got them evacuated by helicopter.

Only after all were gone and he was near death did he allow himself to be taken from the battlefield.

By the grace of God he survived. And by order of the United States government, he received the Medal of Honor.

A lot of other anchor babies have done the same in this nation's wars. And now in the war on terror as citizens have refused to go and fight for their own country, "Green Card" soldiers have emerged and gone to war for us and won their citizenship -- many posthumously.

So for these Conservatives who throw out the "anchor baby" insult, you can go to Hell. There you will find more cowards who refused to serve their nation at time of crisis while those frowned upon did. Courageously and marvelously.

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