Sunday, February 1, 2009

Greatest Super Bowl and win for greatest franchise

Tonight's Super Bowl lived up to its name and ranks as the greatest I've ever seen -- even outdoing last year's Giants win.

The fourth quarter back and forth was the most incredibly exciting football I can remember. Both teams deserved the win. Larry Fitzgerald deserves to be named the MVP but Santonio Holmes of the Steelers also rates at the top.

The end-of-the-first-half touchdown by the NFL's MVP was a man-on-a-mission effort seldom seen over 100 long yards. Incredible.

Sorry Giant fans. But I've watched every Super Bowl since the Packers beat the Chiefs. Today's was the best. And the Steelers and the Rooney family deserve to be labeled the most successful NFL franchise in history.

I was rooting for the Steelers before the game, starting rooting for the Cardinals in the fourth quarter to come back and then was sold on black and gold with the last minute drive.

Steeler fans and Steeler Nation, you rock. And if you remember when I came across you on the bridge over the Cumberland River in Nashville after the Titans beat your team in December, I told you all that your team would be back to win it all.

I just didn't know you'd win the greatest Super Bowl game ever.

Celebrate! You deserve it! America now is Steeler Nation!

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