Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bredesen lies again; perfect for Obama Cabinet

Gov. Phil Bredesen lied today, again claiming he took a scalpel to TennCare when everyone knows -- including the families of the people he killed with his decisions -- that he took a hatchet to a program that's supposed to help the most vulnerable among us.

Bredesen lied today before local TV cameras as speculation has him as one of the two choices before President Obama for HHS secretary.

Obama's consideration of Bredesen is an outrage. But the two Democrats deserve each other. The only change they've delivered in their respective offices is a sharp decline in credibility and competency.

So the liar craves the company of the incompetent.

Ultimately, Obama and Bredesen deserve each other.

Bredesen is a bad man, and a bad liar. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Obama is not the man he claims. How far his conduct will decline is to be seen, and feared.

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