Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Investors deliver 'no confidence' vote on Obama; his promise of plan today to resolve banking crisis unrealized as treasury secretary avoids specifics

The incredible shrinking presidency of Barack "I Screwed Up" Obama accelerated today into more incompetency as his treasury secretary failed to even fulfill Obama's promise to the American people last night of specifics on how to rescue the nation's banking system.

And Wall Street fell an incredible 400 points based on the president again unable to deliver on his promise to bring change to Washington.

Somewhere in Texas, George W. Bush is laughing.

After four weeks, Obama has shown himself to the most incompetent president in recent American history. The people he has chosen for his administration can't even pay their taxes on time, including Secretary Geithner.

While Obama got a stimulus plan passed by the Senate today, it is far from the one he so vigorously supported in the House. So which one does Obama favor? Only he knows.

The American people will soon realize that Obama does not know what he is doing. As Hillary Clinton said in the primary campaign, the White House is no place for on the job training. I wish Obama was playing at that level. The job is beyond his judgment and experience.

The people of this nation will realize as a conference committee meets that the best stimulus plan is no plan at all. The nation already has realized an economic catastrophe. Wasting more taxpayer money so the Chinese can buy up more of country is no solution. It will just ruin any future we can realize after surviving these hard times.

Demand that government save our money. Put it toward rescuing the housing market, if it must bs spent at all. But keep it out of Obama's hands. He has lost all credibility so soon from so many missteps.

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