Thursday, February 12, 2009

Claim of poverty by unionized TN auto workers doesn't ring true; our tax dollars should not guarantee employment in any industry

A protest today at Legislative Plaza by Tennessee's unionized auto workers chastised Sen. Bob Corker for opposing the auto industry bailout.

I'm no fan of the 22nd richest person in Congress. But Corker was right. And he represented the views of Tennesseans in not one cent of their tax dollars going to these pampered workers, their union bosses and their wrong-headed, corporate executives.

I covered the GM plant and its UAW workers in Oklahoma City for 10 years as an economics reporter. And these folks were paid very well, and received an incredible number of paid weeks off. You could tell who was a union auto worker in a neighborhood by the boat in the driveway and massive deck and barbecue pit in the back.

I don't begrudge that of any union worker. But I sure draw the line when they want my tax dollars to preserve their wealthy lifestyle.

You could tell how wrong these workers were when they enlisted state Rep. Mike Turner to their cause. Turner has about as much integrity as an Obama Cabinet nominee.

Then it struck me. If these workers are out there protesting, who is doing their jobs? How are they still getting paid? Does your employer allow you time off to protest opposition to government giveaways during the work week?

No more free rides, auto industry folks. It's time to be treated as any other Tennessee worker and live through the hard times like the rest of us. Quit whining and be more productive and essential.

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