Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The colossal collapse of a political party in power: undoing of Democrats is historic, fast, deserved

Never, in my life time, and from my knowledge of political history, has a political party with a substantial advantage in Congress and possession of the White House become so impotent so quickly.

Yet the Republican Party led by crazy man Michael Steele offers no satisfying substitute for control.

God help America.

In watching the navel-gazing Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, the anchor tonight avoided the obvious about the most astounding political turnaround in American history.

David Gergen, along with Cooper, showed themselves to be wide-eyed Obama and Democratic apologists. Gergen's Reagan era credentials be damned. He is playing to the Left.

The most astute analysis came from Roland Martin; he talked of the number of calls he has been making into the White House to find some definition of the issues.

But he acknowledged little luck. The GOP has regained everything it lost as far as leadership credibility, thanks to Bush out of office and massive Obama blunders, beginning with the selection of Cabinent nominees who have not paid their taxes.

A flabbergasted Martin said that asking about a potential nominee's tax record is a political basic.

The American people agree. And now they question Obama's decisionmaking on everything from TARP to stimulus. After only three weeks in office. Incredible. The President has given up on the House plan he backed just days ago faster than lightnng or a last-second Pittsburgh Steeler drive.

But there is no black and gold to the rescue in D.C.

This historic, colossal collapse of a party that supposedly had a mandate astounds every day.

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