Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The hypocrisy of the Obamas and Maureen Dowd

If it were part of a sitcom, it would be laughable.

But, no, Tuesday was part of what passes for governance in Washington, D.C., and supposed analysis from the Far Left part of the nation's news media.

The Obamas on the worst day of his still young presidency -- three weeks -- went across the street from the White Houe to read to public school students. Now these are the same students and school that the Obamas' daughters could have attended.

But, no, they are going to a private school. Still the Obamas used the backdrop of a public school right next door to the White House that they rejected to get a nice photo op for a disastrous day of governance -- or non-governance and incompetency -- they initiated.

Using public school children for such political cover is shameful. The Obamas should apologize.

Yet then there is NYT columnist Maureen Dowd, who in trying to raise up the president's incompetency as a virtue, takes yet another dig at former President Bush -- citing and chiding his reading to school children when 9/11 happened.

First, to use 911 to take such a political cheap shot is indicative of a person who lives above the people as a liberal elitist instead of coming down to the real world and talking and listening to Gold Star mothers who are my friends.

Second, why is Obama's reading to school children amid an economic tragedy in this nation and his inability to address it effectively not even worth mentioning or chiding?

Then, Dowd cited Obama's appearance on every TV outlet last night -- excluding the Home Shopper's Network -- to explain how his presidency has gone so far awry as taking responsibility for his many errors.

My goodness, it is going to take more than one night of television to cover all the mistakes he has made in only three weeks -- including setting off a protectionist trade war with the EU over his Buy America demand in the stupid and wasteful House stimulus plan. It is going to demand a mini-series like "24" to cover all of Obama's missteps and mistakes.

Obama had to retreat like an Iraqi general in the Gulf War from his protectionist mistake after even the French were ready to go to war. Yes, the French! President Obama sure forgot about Smoot-Hawley and the Great Depression.

Dowd and the Obamas deserve each other. And the American people have quickly caught on to their hypocrisy.

We are not so easily fooled by photo ops with children not good enough for their own kids to go to school with and the same old stuff about Bush rewritten to make a foolish point to defend gross incompetency.

God save America.

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Anonymous said...

Agree totally!! Funny, how the press "overlooks" the fact that his children attend an elite, private school.

And, how the press never caught hold of the fact that his "personal chef" moved to the White House with them.

He is rich, or, he wouldn't have a personal chef and/or private school for his girls.

If he is so "for the people", how many people do you know have their own personal chefs and/or have their children always attend private schools.

Just saying????