Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Democrats not paying taxes has now become embarrassing; how can they tax and spend?

President Obama's choice for the position of White House Oversight in his Cabinet withdrew her nomination today for being in arrears in paying employment taxes.

The growing list of Obama nominees not paying their fair share of taxes -- and thus supporting the operations of government -- has become a national embarrassment that has sharply reduced the credibility of the administration after only three weeks in power.

Where is The NYT's Maureen Dowd when we need her? If this had been the Bush administration, she'd be raving and writing. Bill Maher would be drooling at the mouth.

No wonder Obama has gone to a Republican senator for secretary of commerce.

Obama cannot lead when he cannot even make the proper choices for his Cabinet. Pay your taxes first, Democratic leaders. Then you can propose more government.

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Heather from Tampa Bay said...

Great commentary and so right on! I will pray for you and encourage you to keep up the good fight against leukemia! Warmest regards!