Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waiting on Nashville Democrats and House GOP

Leaders in the GOP House and the Democratic Metro Nashville government have remained damningly silent concerning two very big problems in officeholders who should be kicked out.

The GOP should bring ethics charges against their colleague who tried to extort the puppet House Speaker for a committee chairmanship. Huh? The lawmaker said he would tone down an ethics complaint against the Speaker for a chairmanship. This lawmaker should be forced from office.

Democrats who control Nashville should be speaking more about the local sheriff who was the guest speaker for a local White supremacist group. While the sheriff cannot be forced from office for that just yet, Democrats can force an end to his heinous and bigoted 287g program here. But the Democratic mayor and congressman refuse.

Leaders of both parties continue to show themselves more interested in staying in power than serving this state and nation's highest ideals.

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