Sunday, February 1, 2009

A glimpse inside the Liberal mindset: All sort of rationalization of the obvious with excuses for them and none for the rest of our nation

Here's an interesting and sad look inside the Liberal mindset, via a reader response to a blog post about the irrelevance of Maureen Dowd and Anne Coulter:

There is a lot of implied sexism in comparing Dowd to Coulter. Coulter is a witty vicious partisan that colors all her views through a very narrow ideological filter. Dowd is a reporter first and calls them as she sees them. "Liberals" are often just as upset with her as "conservatives" are.

Implied is such a weak word. I write directly. Coulter and Dowd are an embarrassment. That both are women matters no more than if both were Hispanic or black or Martians.

But the Liberal mind too often rationalizes to ignore the obvious -- by that I directly mean the truth.

Yes, Dowd may have called things as she saw them, but that does not mean she was close to being accurate. Any fool can call things as he or she sees them. That does not mean that credibility should be associated with it.

Bush was no more the devil that Dowd tried to make him out to be than Coulter has tried to make Clinton into.

But from one's perch atop The New York Times' building or on the FOXNEWS set, both were just trying to sell their bent view of the world and politics. And make money at it. That both wear skirts makes no difference. Both sought the limelight for their polarization of the issues. Both now deserve to be disregarded.

With no more Bush to kick around anymore, Dowd and her ilk such as Bill Maher -- egad, a male -- have nothing more to say. The world should now be perfect that Bush no longer is in office with his war mongering. Yet Obama is now sending drones into another nation's sovereign terrority to kill. And that nation is complaining.

Where is Dowd's outrage? What does Maher have to say?

Too many Liberals, but thankfully not all, are like Dowd and the above reader. They ignore the hypocrisy in favor of supporting their own point of view.

Yet Bush, and with the Gold Star mothers I associate with and the Marines with who I am friends, still receives high regards.

From the classrooms of Hispanic students where the teacher union/public education bureaucracy tried to isolate with anecdote, Bush's No Child Left Behind Act forced exposure and accountability with testing results.

I know; I volunteered in those classrooms, built three computer labs and got a civil rights order from Washington holding the Nashville school district -- headed by liberals and Democrats -- in violation of its Constitutional responsibility to fairly education students needing English language help.

Ivory towers and FOXNEWS sets -- and HBO studios -- are not part of the real world. Let Dowd and Coulter and Maher come down here with the rest of us -- who in the words of the fabled George Bailey -- do most of the living and dying in this nation.

Rationalization and excuse making be damned.

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