Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alcatraz is place for terrorists for several reasons

I was speaking with my cousin who lives in Topeka and she is dreading the possibility of all the Gitmo prisoners being moved to Leavenworth, less than an hour from her home.

It seems that President Obama is intent on moving these prisoners to places where voters rejected his candidacy and his plans to close Gitmo.

But there are places and states that voted for him -- and were vehemently against the Bush administration's running of the detention facility -- that would perfect for the terrorists.

Alcatraz, located just outside San Francisco, would be great. However, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, once mayor of the city, says Alcatraz would not be good because it now is a national treasure under the Parks Service.

That can easily be overcome. In these urgent times, all national assets should be utilized to their fullest. The American people would not mind Alcatraz being used again for these terrorists, who would be isolated by water.

Neither should Obama, if he means to correct a mess he made.

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Chris1974 said...

We can't look at this as red state vs blue state in figuring out where to locate suspected (key word) terrorists. Obama needs to figure out what prison is best and not worry if the people in that area voted for him or not. The facts are, that if suspected terrorists are transferred to Leavenworth, there is virtually no chance that they are going to be escaping, and even if they did, they aren't going to be hanging around Topeka mugging people. And I would think that Alcatraz has about a 0% chance of ever becoming a prison again.

Chris/ Nashville