Friday, January 30, 2009

A comment provides chance for enlightenment

A reader sent in a comment of the following concerning my post about the election of the first black head of the RNC:

I wasn't aware that any of the Republicans have an issue with Hispanics. I think perhaps you are confusing the problem of illegals (from everywhere) with legal immigrants? Just a thought.

The reader is unaware, and it is that lack of awareness that cost Republicans so dearly in the general election.

Americans of Hispanic descent -- not Cuban-Americans -- have known hatred for generations from Republicans and conservatives. We know the the onslaught against undocumented human beings is just one step removed from those of us who are citizens.

The GOP's ultimate objection is clear, as intoned by Mr. Conservative and Republican Pat Buchanan. His objection is to the depurifying of the American blood from what he claims is its blue-eyed European roots. He objects to the browning of America, which since 2000 has not come from immigration but births in this nation.

Hatred disguised is still hatred. And the Republican Party will never win the Hispanic vote outside of Cubanos as long as Republicans fail to grasp the hatred in their message.

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Kate said...

Buchanan? is a loony tune!

There is a huge difference between legal immigration, and ILLEGAL invasion. Should I come into your home, and demand you educate my children? This is where you are having issues. It is not skin tone, or origin. We aren't too fond of anyone breaking laws that put our children at risk. This is not hatred, as you surmise, but plain ol' common sense.

I'm really sorry you've bought into the "party line" of the left, but your premise just isn't true.