Saturday, January 31, 2009

Poor Maureen Dowd: With no more Bush to hate, the Left's Ann Coulter has nothing to write

When she was savaging President GW Bush for eight years, NYT's columnist Maureen Dowd would often have the most read columns on the newspaper's web site.

Now with Bush gone and Obama on the scene, Dowd's popularity is falling, as with her last column that could only make it to No. 8 on the top 10 most read list. Then it quickly disappeared. It rattled on about Wall Street.

Dowd for the Left is Ann Coulter to the Right. They both throw a lot of heat with little substance in their writing. Both deserve to be forgotten.

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Mo MoDo said...

There is a lot of implied sexism in comparing Dowd to Coulter. Coulter is a witty vicious partisan that colors all her views through a very narrow ideological filter. Dowd is a reporter first and calls them as she sees them. "Liberals" are often just as upset with her as "conservatives" are.