Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No fried food in Williamson Schools? Is this the South or not? Good health changes culture

Fried foods and the South go together like a trace of snow and mass hysteria.

But while I was driving Monday to Bethpage in Sumner County, the radio talent told me that Williamson County Schools do not allow any fried food for children. French fries and chicken nuggets are baked.

The epidemic-like rise in childhood obesity and diabetes makes this change a good one, along with removing soft drink and snack machines from schools.

Yet further departure from fried food from the Southern culture seems a stretch, particularly with corn bread, fried chicken and an assortment of other treats that only grandmother can make the best.

But for our own good, the oil might need to be put away more often. What we teach our children in schools should also be modeled at home.

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