Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulus plan shows fault, folly in both parties

I am politically independent because both major political parties in this nation are so screwed up. The economic stimulus plan is a prime example.

In voting against the plan, House Republicans went paranoid and claimed the plan was a backdoor way to get universal health care in this nation. I wish.

President Obama did not support universal care in his presidential campaign. He doesn't now. But the $127 billion set aside to address health care needs in the states is the best money spent in the plan.

And we need universal health, economically, if hospitals are to survive. We need preventative care. Health care costs still are rising at runaway proportions. And more employees in more companies are even losing basic care because of that.

Then there are the Democrats. They've stuffed the plan with so many pet projects that have no record of working. And they set aside $200 million to grow grass on the National Mall.

This is reckless spending. And the Democrats' record with their TARP plan is a failure.

Trusting them with the stimulus plan is foolish.

President Obama continues with his bipartisan line, and has been joined by Rush Limbaugh who is offering his own plan. I don't find much hope there either.

Goodness, this nation is a political basket case. The nation does not want a new plan as much as some sensibility and principle upon what to do -- or do nothing at all.

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