Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Buy according to your values: Dealer Lee Beaman was big contributor to EnglishOnly referendum

People who voted against the silly EnglishOnly referendum last week and defeated the nonsense should now spend according to their values.

Auto dealer Lee Beaman, reports NewsChannel 5, was the major local provider of financial support for referendum backers pushing this intolerance. So let Beaman know your feelings by boycotting his dealerships.

Yet nearly all the money for the referendum came from an anti-immigrant Virginia group to spread their sickness into our community. Councilman Eric Crafton should truly be ashamed of himself.

We don't need other people's hate in our city, which I now call home. We have enough of our home-bred kind. Crafton and Beaman owe this city an apology for the evil they wanted to sow.

Until then, don't spend a dollar on a Beaman car. Let him pay for his intolerance in his pocketbook.

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