Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pat Nolan, NewsChannel5+ deliver incredibly poor analysis of vote on EnglishOnly referendum

It was obvious that NewsChannel 5's political analyst Pat Nolan had little interest in today's referendum and the people it would hurt and did not even bother to get out of his office to seek out any voter trends.

His analysis was incredibly vague. Even I had been out to the Madison Public Library site, which had been quite heavy with voter turnout after the work day with working-class whites and African-Americans. That does not bode well for defeating the referendum.

All that Nolan could come up with was a little bit of leaning toward a projection that the 61-39 percent early voting results margin would hold. I do not believe it will. I believe the referendum will pass based on Madison results I saw and feedback I have received on African-American voting.

Nolan had none of this information. He only cited trends that could emerge in precincts dominated by Karl Dean when he ran for mayor. Dean opposes the referendum, but his opposition is based on new business the city might lose with an intolerant image.

Channel 5 should get its money back for the hour Nolan wasted. I sure feel cheated by watching him.

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