Saturday, January 24, 2009

OMIGOSH! HOORAY! Tennessee Democratic Party rises again with the selection of chairman Bredesen, Cooper and Ford did not endorse

Tired of leadership without principle and competency, Tennessee Democrats today elected a chairman that the state governor, Nashville congressman and Harold Ford Jr. did not want.

The endorsement of this terrible trio was rejected, and Chip Forrester of Watertown was elected chairman.

Thank goodness. Tennessee voters need choices and parties with different visions of what constitutes progress.

Forrester inherits a party that Phil Bredesen, Jim Cooper and Ford have led into popular oblivion and far from the principles of national Democrats. Bredesen actually told Barack Obama not to campaign in the state.

And former Chairman Gray Sasser was more concerned with the wave of his hair than the principles of his party. Sasser only got the job because of his last name. The Sasser name, however, does not carry that much clout anymore.

Best of luck to the new chairman. Tennessee desperately needs a distinctive, strong, two-party system.

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