Friday, January 23, 2009

Next step for tolerance in Nashville is elimination of 287g deportation program pushed by sheriff

When you defeat something from becoming law, it is only half a victory.

Obviously in politics, the goal is change. And so all the politicos crowing over defeating the EnglishOnly referendum in Nashville are the same ones who have refused to change the heinous 287g deportation program in Music City.

Compared to the referendum becoming law, 287g is much worse for immigrants here. It destroys family and endangers lives. And a pregnant woman was tortured in the custody of Nashville authorities during and after labor in 2008.

Yet the same politicos and chamber officials celebrating last night have remained silent about 287g.

If their involvement in opposing EnglishOnly was really about treating people morally, then they should now denounce 287g and force the sheriff to stop it. They should also tell Congressman Jim Cooper to go to the Department of Homeland Security in Washington and file an objection to the program here.

But he won't. Neither will all the politicos and chamber officials. So any victory they claim from Thursday is a hollow and hypocritical one.

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Irish said...

Hello. I enjoy your writings. One disagreement though. What is wrong with a 287(G) program that is applied properly? Again, used and applied properly. If someone is here in illegal status, what is wrong with deportation or ICE detention if they commit a crime? Who would want a criminal illegal alien released back into our community? We have enough of our own to deal with without keeping those from other Countries here illegally.

Thanks, Joe. Virginia