Saturday, January 31, 2009

Krugman misses critical point in latest column

In trying to address the need for guaranteed health care in this nation, Nobel Prize winning columnist Paul Krugman misses a crucial point.

President Obama never campaigned for health care for all. Such a proposition is called universal health care, which his primary opponent backed.

Statistics from the Heritage Foundation point out of the 46 million figure regularly cited in the news media of uninsured Americans, only 30 million actually want the health care and cannot get it. The other 16,000 have health care available to them, and either do not know so, or are not willing to take the time to apply for it.

I realize the Heritage Foundation is a conservative group, but I have seen no one dispute its analysis of the 46 million figure.

Now back to Obama. He proposed making health care more affordable and insuring sll children. There was no universal health care and his chief primary opponent regularly chastised him for it.

So Krugman in trying to make a case for health care now for all the people has shown himself uninformed about the man he is criticizing. And that fact reduces the credibility of his argument.

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